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    LOD Calculation Question

    Vishal J

      Hi Community,


      I have two data sets: Revenue and Assets data. Revenue is a "summable" measure that can be summed up across months. However assets is a point in time measure that cannot be added up across months.


      For revenues, we have 2017 data , whereas assets we have the latest snapshot of assets Dec-2017.


      I would like to calculate the following:

      Assets for 2017: this number should be 5000+4500+3000 = 12500

      Return on Assets (RoA) = Total Revenue / Total Assets = 1461/12500= 11.7%


      I would like to be able to show this RoA by Product as well. Is this possible? I believe you can do this with an LOD calculation, however I don't know which one to use. I've also added both the source data and the tableau file.


      Thanks for your help