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    Trend chart - require date calculations

    Varun P

      I have dimension as date,  --(Date has discrete dates- some dates from this months , some dates from last  and so on - with data.)

      more dimensions are : Team name & Team ID
      other dimension is Result.
      Result column has value : pass or fail  ---only two values.

      below data gets refreshed everyday.



      dateTeam nameTeam IDResult
      and so on

      can i create trend chart with this data ?


      I want to show dates on x axis, Result : Pass or Fail on trend-lines .

      Want to show pass or fail team ID wise on trend lines!


      If its December month then team ID  which have passed /failed for 31st of December 2017 should show up.
      similarly for Jan month (team ID )  which have passed or failed should show of 31st jan 2018.
      AND for Feb month it should show pass / fail for current date --- {Team count pass or fail for particular current day}


      Please help with calculated filed calculations

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          Varun P

          I have got how to find last day of month :  

          below formula identifies the last day of every month:


          1} Can anyone explain what exactly each above words in formula do/ functions ?
          2} by using above can anyone help me with my original query?
          Thanks !