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    Display logic on sheet view and Ranking

    Akshita Jain

      Hi All, I have a requirement where I need to show view based on quick filter. Attached is the tableau file which contains two tabs


      1) Rank - This tab is enabled with the logic where we have to show view only if one option is selected in the quick filter. However,  the shortcoming of this view is ranking logic which doesn't work. It calculates 1 every time.


      2) Rank - Table Calculation - - Knowing the fact, tableau does record level filtering first followed by table one. I converted it to table calculation. Now, ranking logic works appropriately. However, display logic has stopped working.


      So in short, I want user to select sites.  If only one site is selected, I want a sheet to display that site's rank relative to all the other sites.


      Please suggest.