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    Export Challenges with Dashboard

    Donovan Thomas


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          Wilson Po

          Hi Donovan,


          Two things come to mind:

          1. Make sure you actually select on the cross tab in the dashboard to try to download to cross-tab. Dashboards typically have multiple elements (such as multiple views), which makes it hard for Tableau to determine what to export unless a sheet is specifically selected on in the dashboard.  Selecting first may help tableau understand what you want to convert into the crosstab
          2. This could be a permission issue.  Work with the dashboard author or a server admin to help make sure you have that right to download.  At times they may have turned off this capability to protect the data
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            Donovan Thomas

            Hi Wilson,


            Thank You for your help, the first object help me fix my mistake.


            I'm still new to Tableau, but again Thank You.