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    Educational Brain Teaser ==> Answer : Colorful Conditional Format

    Shinichiro Murakami

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      Educational Brain Teaser : Colorful Conditional Format


      Thank you for challenging the EBT.

      The original post is getting long and I posted new one as answer version. (Let me know if this is not good manner)


      First of all, I am sorry that I did not clearly say that don't touch the data source(such as pivot, union join ...) which create some confusion.

      Anyways, this answer is based on this concept (no modification on database)


      The Key is "Placeholder"

      Which is used to put multiple KPI or multiple conditional cells in table format.


      Usually the place holder field is "0" or "1"


      or even you can use "number of records" cell as alternative of "1"


      One of the sample of detail explanation is here.

      Such a simple view, it required 100 steps!! - Having Multiple KPIs - - Still Struggling with Excel ?? <Tableau's Room>


      In my question's case, you can also use this method, but there is one problem.

      You can put axis title with manual typing, but it's always rotated to Top.


      So overcoming this problem was my intent of the post.


      You can see, if I don't hide the tick mark, the numbers are displayed as normal angle.



      So, create placeholder field with "0" and set default as below.




      You can create three individual fields for respective measure and set default with respective measure's title.



      Rest of tasks are relatively easy, remove the text from Axis title and set measure fields and color conditions fields on respective "Placeholders".


      Now you got .


      The twbx is attached as usual.


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