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    My filter is set to show only relevant values, but it doesn´t follow the upper range, which is changing due to changing other filters criterias

    Vojtech Solnicky


      i have problem with my quick filter in Tableau. I have dataset which i am filtering by multiple filters (gender, age, ect.). I have also filter on money, which i have set for only relevant values, the money range in my graph is changing due to values, that i set on my other filters and here comes the problem. My money filter is from 0 to some upper bound and i need it to change the upper bound dynamically as it changes the maximum, that can my function reach with specific filter setup (gender, age etc.)



      When the bound after changing the values in filters is smaller than the previous one (in this case < 1 754 846), the range doesn´t follow the upper bound and stay on the same number, which is nonsense for the filtered data, becouse it is bigger, than the actual upper bound of money, that can my function reach with this new filters setup. After I push the range below the new upper bound, it recalculates it and than when i push it back to the maximum, it stops on the right number, but it is exhausting to do that every time. Is there any way how to make tableau understand that it should change the bounds in my range filters too?


      Thanks for your ideas.