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    Dynamic table calculations

    Lauren Blumberger

      Hi everyone,


      I have attached an excel workbook with a sample of my data structure and what I am trying to achieve. The existing sheet I have in Tableau is a table with property rows and store columns and the measure being displayed is the sum(sales) for each store at each property. I need to be able to select a "denominator store" to divide the sales of all the other stores by. I.e. maybe I have a store selection parameter and if I choose store 'af' then the sales of the other stores are displayed as a percentage of 'af' sales. I also only want to display properties where greater than 50% of stores have sales. Fyi - with the real data there are many more stores and the user will also be choosing which stores they want to display in the table. I hope this makes sense, please ask me any questions for further clarification.


      Thanks in advance for any assistance with this!!!