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    Calculated field for non-linear "funnel"

    John Conlon



      I'm trying to calculate conversion rates from one sales stage to the next.  What percent of New Leads move to Opportunity Identified? for example.  Since there is no forced sequence (i.e. stages can be skipped), I bucketed the moves into: No Movement, Moved Forward (not to Close), Moved to Close.  You can see what I'm trying to do in the 'Stacked Bar bucket' and 'Crosstab bucket' tabs.  The problem is that I want to visualize all of the stages, but the closed stages (Closed, Closed - No Contact, Opportunity complete) don't show up because of how the IF statements in my formulas are structured.  How can I revise my formulas so that the closed stages show up with the appropriate counts?   


      I'm using Tableau v10.3.  Please see attached workbook.