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    Overlaying a shapefile map to tableau base map or Combining two maps

    Rachael Han

      Hi, I have a question re. mapping.


      I have two separate sample data tables. One is from SQL and the other is from excel (I created sample SQL data onto excel. Irl, the data from SQL is big and I cannot combine the SQL data with the second data from excel).


      The data from SQL can only be mapped on a shapefile. The shapefile consists of a city with borders separated by school districts.

      The data from SQL has a category "District" which is joined to the shapefile's "School District". The # of records are shaded into the district.


      The data from excel has x/y coordinates so I can plot the points on the tableau base map.


      Both data tables have one element in common: ID#

      (I used edit relationship to blend the two tables by ID in order to avoid duplicates whilst joining the tables)


      I want to overlay the point map onto the shaded shapefile map so when I filter the ID#, the background map would be shaded and its respective points would also populate.


      I tried the dual axis map tool but ran into a issues. First, I used the x/y coordinates to plot the points and then added a second avg(X) onto the row. Then I replaced the second avg(X) on the Marks box with the shapefile. I added the "school dist" to Label but that's where I'm hitting a wall.


      I searched other questions and also considered using zipcodes to plot the points instead but I want an accurate location. An estimated location is redundant.


      Attached is the workbook that shows the two separate maps. Is there a way to combine both maps to one?