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    Tableau Server via SAML from Tableau Desktop

    Murugan Ramalingam



      We have successfully implemented SSO using SAML in our environment. It works as expected when login via web browser whereas while connecting from desktop to server we got below error


      "An error occurred while trying to load the web page - ERROR 6: SSL handshake failed"


      We are in 9.3.15 and tableau support recommended us to upgrade to 9.3.18 to fix this issue. But we have upgraded to much higher version 10.1.13 and still facing same issue.


      In knowledge base it is mentioned Error: "ERROR 6: handshake failure" When Failing to use SAML Authentication from Tableau Desktop to Tableau Server | Tab…  upgrading to 10.3.3 ; 10.2.5 ; 10.1.11 will fix this issue. We have upgraded to a version higher (10.1.13) than 10.1.11 but still we are facing same issue.


      Did anyone faced similar issue. please help.