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    Action filter cursor hover over title of chart

    sunitha k

      I have an Action filter to drill to another tableau page. In the Tableau desktop version, the mouse hand cursor only appears on the graph not on the title of the chart.

      But this is not the case in Tableau server. The mouse hand cursor appears even on the chart title but when clicked on it, it doesnt drill down unless its clicked on the chart.

      Is there any way to remove this. (cursor image below)

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          Jen Shepherd

          Hey Sunitha,


          I haven't tried it for this exact issue, but have had success in keeping things from being clickable on a dashboard by floating a blank over the area of the dashboard you do not want users to click. Or in this case, over objects like the chart title that you don't want the browser to think can be clicked.   Floating objects can move a bit when published to Server vs. in Desktop so fair warning on that issue, but exact precision in alignment shouldn't be an issue here.


          Good luck!

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