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    Parameter customisation

    Stephen Morgan

      Is it possible to customise a parameter according to the worksheet / dashboard it is used on? For example I have a parameter that calculates Month, YTD and QTD which works fine on certain worksheets but not others (because of different measure logic). Therefore I need to display only YTD and Month for certain worksheets and YTD, QTD and Month for others. Obviously the parameter title can be altered on different worksheets but the selections seem fixed throughout. Thanks.


      (Tableau 10.1)

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          Laura Record

          Hi Stephen,


          Parameters are static objects that always appear the same way (and pass the same value) on every worksheet where they're displayed.  There's no way out of the box to show a single parameter selection list to be YTD, QTD, and Month on one worksheet with only YTD and Month on a different worksheet.  There's a chance you might be able to do this using the JavaScript API since it allows you to create custom interactions but that's the limit of my knowledge.  If you want to go that route instead of building multiple parameters you can find the Developer Portal here.

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            Tim Dines

            I would try creating a calculated field that defines which parameter options are available depending on the sheet and then I would create a parameter based on that calculated field.