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    Tableau server slow with 'R' forecast chart - how to increase performance?





      Using Tableau Server 10.4, 64-bit and 'R' installed on the same machine 3.4.2, 64-bit on a Windows Server 2012. Browser: Google Chrome


      I have a chart that uses an 'R' script for a forecast. As it was very slow, I asked IT to increase the server performance and now I have the following:

      - two CPUs, each with six cores, 2.4 GZ (a total of 12 cores)

      - 32 GB RAM


      However... no improvement at all, chart is still slow. I opened resource monitor on the Tableau server, CPU usage is approx. 12% and memory usage 17%. I was the only user connected.

      Note: I am also using extracts for all my charts.

      Please advise.