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    custom split for data in csv file having spaces in a column

    sudip midya

      Hi Tableau Experts,

      I have a dataset like this:



      20Guinea                                        35.10                                      
      21Benin                                         35.00                                      
      22Congo, Republic of the                        34.40                                      
      23Central African Republic                      34.30                                      
      24Gabon                                         34.20                                      
      25Zimbabwe                                      34.20                                      
      26Congo, Democratic Republic of the             33.50                                      
      27Timor-Leste                                   33.40                                      


      The data is in csv file, now I want this to be divided in 3 columns, as you see countries have space. How to divide it in 3 columns??? when one column has space within itself?