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    80-20 Pareto intersection value

    Sahithi M



      I have created a Pareto chart which is dynamic.

      1. I want to show the 80-20 intersection value in a separate sheet. The highlighted one is what i wanted to show separately.


      2. Now the requirement is to pass this as filter to another sheet. I have manually provided the value 7 in the Top condition of the Product, but this should be dynamic. Whenever i change my cost %, my intersection pint changes and that value is to be used as filter.


      Attached workbook.


      Any ideas to approach this in other way?Requirement is to see till the intersection of 80-20 but with another dimension in a different sheet.


      Thank you

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          Laura Record

          Hi Sahithi,


          I think this example will help you.  It shows the detail information about what elements are contained in the (in your case) 47.06% of products identified in your Pareto.  I've downloaded this workbook before and used its functionality in my own work; I think it will be fairly easy to follow if you're somewhat familiar with Tableau already.

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            Sahithi M



            Thank you for looking into the issue! The link will work if I want to see in detail of the N% (in my example 47.06%) products in another sheet.

            My requirement is a little different, true it should show 47.06% products, but my analysis in the other sheet, is based on another dimension which is code (in my example)


            It should basically show those codes and count of products which come under 47.06%.