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    Help! My Between Calculation not working

    g o

      I have a dataset with process time per date. I'm trying to flag each day by the amount of hours we have with 'Limited' and 'Available'.


      For example, if my process time for 1/22 is 300 hours, I'd like to mark that as 'Limited' as we've reached our maximum hours for that day. If however, the next day, 1/23 the process time is only at 200 hours, then I'd like to mark that as 'Available'.


      This is what I have as my calculation:


      IF [Process Time] > 250 THEN "limited"

      ELSEIF [Process Time] >= 0

      AND [Process Time] <= 250

      THEN "Available"



      But my outcome shows all as available. See attached.


      I'm stumped! Any help is much appreciated! Thank you.