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    Using Calculated Field To Filter Separate Worksheet

    Heather Disney



      I am trying to use calculated fields from one worksheet to filter another worksheet in my dashboard.  I would like the user to be able to click on the number 9 for the Tier 2 Past EOS applications in the source worksheet and for the target worksheet to only show those 9 applications and their attributes.  Right now, if the user clicks on the number 9 under Past EOS, the target worksheet shows all Tier 2 applications.  I'm not attaching a .twbx file as I don't want to share confidential information. I'm using Tableau Version 9.3.


      The action filter I am using is:



      The source worksheet is:


      And the target worksheet is:


      The calculation for Past EOS on the source worksheet is: COUNTD(IF TODAY()>[End of Support Date] AND [Module Type]='Application' THEN [Application ID] END)


      The calculation for EOS Within 18 Months on the source worksheet is: COUNTD(IF [End of Support Date]>TODAY() AND DATEDIFF('month',TODAY(),[End of Support Date])<=18 AND [Module Type]='Application' THEN [Application ID] END)


      What is the correct way to set up the action filter(s)?


      Thanks for your help!