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    Year over year Growth Quick table calculation

    anoosha shetty

      Hi All ,


      I know tableau has a built in quick table calculation called "Year over year growth"- which Is fantastic


      In my use case - I have 3 years of data in my datasource currently when I use this quick table calculation - I get a view seen in "attachment 1 "


      Where as you can see the "2015" view is empty , as obviously it has no previous year data to compare . so instead of hiding I want to give users an option to select anyhow years in their view or kinda rolling 2 years .


      To do that if I apply a filter on my date column like below , I see tableau is just excluding that data off (I mean not considering it for calculation of YOY) , and hence my 2016 tab is also just empty as I have excluded 2015 form filter.

      As you can see in" attachment 2"


      Is there any way where I can avoid this condition and just be able to provide the filters to users , with correct "year of year -growth"

      calculation happening in it , unlike what is happening above