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    Group 50% to other

    te k

      I want to create grouping in bar chart by if Q lower 50 % Grouping in Others but I can't calculate  %  in Other

      I want to cal how many  ID get use to in "Q" Group Other


      Q get grouping to Other is Q = B D F because lower 50 %

      and  how many get use to in Q  = B D F

      So id 3 get  D count 1

      and id 2 get in  B and F  must have count  1

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          Esther Aller

          Hi Tek,


          I would actually recommend using a FIXED level of detail (LOD) expression to create the calculation for groups. Something like


          IF { FIXED [Q] : AVG([Value]) } > .5

          THEN [Q]

          ELSE "Other"



          The benefit of using FIXED is that [Q] does not need to be in the view. However, I am not sure how you got .667 for the % for Other. If B, D, and F are each .33 and you average those values, you still have .33. If you could explain how you got .667 then we could help more.


          Hope this helps