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    Changing calculation value with 10.5 hyper, probably due to rounding/approximation error!


      Upon hitting the refresh button, the stats visible on the dashboard keeps changing. It shall be duly noted that the dashboard is connected to a static extract (.tde file) through Tableau Server 10.5. The stats shouldn't be changing as the figures are not being updated via any kind of live source. Although, the visible deflection in stats is quite small, viz., a figure of 50,000 varying between 49,998 and 50,002.

      The calculation is a simple COUNTD([Outlets]) who satisfy the condition: [Current Year's Revenue] > [Previous Year's Revenue].
      This problem didn't occur in earlier versions like 10.1 & 10.4.Is it some kind of approximation error as there might be some outlets who have generated same revenues (almost) in both years? If yes, then what needs to be done differently as this didn't happen in any of the earlier versions?

      A sample case can't be shared because of the sensitive nature of data but can be shown live via sharing the screen.