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    How do I filter for a date range, when I want to show aggregated data by weekday?

    Christian R. Houen

      Hi Tableau community


      As described in the title I want to filter by a date range, when I show aggregated data by weekday. What I have below is data for how many pallets make it through the threshold, %. I want to make a dashboard where I have data shown per weekday, but on the same time a slider on the right hand side where I can select a data range I want the dashboard to show. In this instance I\m only working with data for 4 days, however, if I have data for multiple years, it is not relevant to see the performance on every monday for all years.


      How can I acheive this?



      2018-02-05 08-44-48.png


      Furthermore, I want to colour the cells as the colours seen above, but I also want to show the percentage value on top. When I move the count() value to both the colour and label section I get this, which doesn't look very neat. Any ideas?


      2018-02-05 08-44-48.png

      Note: the filter I currently have put in place is to make sure I only see the pallets that did make it below the threshold, thus filtering out the ones that did not.


      Thanks in advance

      Kind regards,
      Christian Houen