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    February 15, 2018 - Next San Diego Tableau User Group Meeting

    Matt Shoemaker



      * Note: This event is free to attend *


        Join us at Interactions Marketing for a deep dive into the SAS RetailLogic platform.  This analytics and reporting system uses Tableau Online to provide lightning-fast insights into what is actually happening in the field.  We'll follow the data from where it originates on mobile tablets in the retail stores, through the data warehouse, and into scheduled Tableau extracts that feed the Tableau dashboards.  These dashboards provide summaries, analysis, and raw data to a team of analysts who then use it to make scheduling decisions and to improve their processes.


        Aaron Pratts will be demonstrating the Tableau dashboards he has created to calculate sales lift across several hundred Costco warehouses located in more than 10 countries.


      * Note that Interactions is also currently hiring a Sql / Tableau Developer so please attend if you would like to find out more about this open position.



      4:00: Arrive and Network

      4:10: Introductions and Announcements

      4:30: Costco Food Sampling Carts - Calculating sales lift at Costco Stores in 10+ Countries - Aaron Pratts (Interactions Marketing)

      5:00: SAS RetailLogic - From The Grocery Store Shelf to Tableau Online in 4 hours or less - Matt Shoemaker (Interactions Marketing)


      We look forward to seeing you there!