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    Upgrading Previous Extracts to Hyper 10.5

    Jonathan Hodge

      Howdy All!


      Quick question. I have a ton of dashboards published with extracts from previous versions of Tableau. Just today I upgraded to 10.5 and am curious about the *smoothest* way of republishing them as hyper files.


      So far I have been downloading a workbook, deleting the extract, re-creating the extract (assuming it will be made via hyper) and re-publishing. Is this the way to do things or is there a much easier way?

      Lastly is there a way I can verify that the new extract is a .hyper file? When I re-created the extracts I got no pop-up of "where would you like to save this". It just ran off to the races of extraction.

      If someone knows if I can easily check on tableau servers which extracts are tde and which are hyper that'd be absolutely magical.


      Thanks for any responses!