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    Live Feed from outside data source

    Phyllis Eanes

      I have a customer who will need to provide live data from a data source every 5 minutes. The workbook or dashboard they deploy should have this updated information every 5 minutes and they expect when they open they will not have to manually refresh the workbook to see the latest data - is this possible? If so, how would I go about setting it up with them?

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          Carisa Chang

          Hi Phyllis,


          How you might implement a solution depends on what their data source is, and how it is hosted. Do you happen to know this information?

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            Mark Wu

            Hi Phyllis, Two easy ways to achieve what you asked:

            1. Set sever refresh cache interval as 5 mins (at Server Config - Data Connections tab) if it is Ok with all other workbooks since this setting is server wide setting
            2. If option 1 is not feasible, embed your view with refresh=yes option. This can be done by publishers. After workbook view is published and you have the embedded URL, create one additional view pointing to previous one with ?:refresh=yes at the end of embedded URL. You hide the previous view but only explosee this new view to users. So the new view will ALWAYS get the latest data from your data sources.

            Hope this helps.