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    Error in incremental update

    Arnoud van Groen

      After uploading the Dashboard to the Tableau 10.5 server I found out my incremental refresh was failing, showing the error:


      com.tableausoftware.nativeapi.dll.TableauException: Destination exists: not copying 'D:\Program files\Tableau\Tableau Server\data\tabsvc\temp\noopTemporary7171867640466525057\extract_{7E7452E-946A-D00483E8E1E9}_XWgQeiTQ6A\federated)1tb1qlf1847ui9160u0ug0_1_2.hyper' to 'D:\Program files\Tableau\Tableau Server\data\tabsvc\temp\noopTemporary7171867640466525057\extract_{7E7452E-946A-D00483E8E1E9}_XWgQeiTQ6A\federated)1tb1qlf1847ui9160u0ug0.hyper'


      I have this problem both on my production and development server, both version 10.5. Incremental updating using Tableau Desktop is working fine.


      Thanks for the help!