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    Controlling Full Data download and Workbook Refresh via tabadmin commands

    Ganesh Madhu

      Hello Everyone,


      I have a couple of questions.


      1) How should I disable the Full Data Download from a dashboard / worksheet? I have disabled the download of tableau workbook with the help of tabadmin set vizqlserver.showdownload false.



      2) We are seeing a weird issue with the embedded dashboards recently. The dashboards are getting timed out in 2 to 5 mins and it gets refreshed automatically without user refreshing it. Consider a filter has been applied and wait for 2 mins with the filtered data, the dashboard refreshes and renders the default initial view without the filters. I tried setting the vizqlserver.session.expiry to 60 mins but no luck.



      Is it possible to fix the above 2 issues with the help of tabadmin commands or via configuration at a site level(if any)?


      Note: We have quite a lot of workbooks published to tableau server and I dont want to add these changes in each workbook / project (in case of #1) instead handling this via tableau server configuration that will be applied across the workbooks.