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    Tableau Linux Server http and https problem


      Hello guys,


      We have a Tableau 10.5 server on a Linux CentOS machine. For http we use port 80 as normal. However I wanted to switch to https. I installed the SSL portocols as explained in the tableau linux server documents.

      However, the problem is that we have another server on the same machine that uses Apache on port 443 and what I read in the documents:
      "Tableau Server supports only port 443 as the HTTPS port. Tableau Server cannot support SSL on a computer where another application is using port 443."

      So of course it did not work out for us with the SSL protocols and switching on to port 443. This is why we decided to go back to the http and use port 80.

      Then we use the Apache to get the report from port 80 and release it to port 443. However, this did not work out as well. We got back "HTTP 302 code".

      Furthermore, we get " Could not locate unexpired trusted ticket".

      I tried to solve it using this article:

      Error "Could not locate unexpired trusted ticket" | Tableau Software

      Nevertheless, I did not understand the solution. Is this the right article for us? Could someone elaborate more on the steps and commands,please?


      Further clarification: I open the server from http. However, the embeded reports show :

      "Not Found

      The requested URL /t/labelx/views/HomeDashboard/HomeDashboard was not found on this server."

      And if I open them through https it is just a blank sheet.




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          Carisa Chang

          Hi Antonio,


          You'll need to remove the other application that uses port 443 (or move it to a different port) - or put Tableau Server on a computer that has port 443 available. Manually redirecting between the two ports is not feasible, we'd expect to see the error messages you included - because those urls aren't available over port 443 because Tableau Server isn't using that port.