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    Sort Order of Consolidate Lines doesn't work as expected

    Michael Wedekindt



      I have some trouble  to get my merged PDF attachment in the order that I provide in the advanced config report.


      I have 25 Reports that I bundle into one PDF. Exactly this are just approx 5 reports that I trigger directly with filter parameter like "Report?Country=Germany"


      In the screenshot below you can see my top 10 rows of my configuration from this alert as it is on Tableau Server now.




      The issue is now e.g. that the Viz of Sort Order Line 3 to 9 are attached at the end of the PDF and vice versa.

      All works, as well merging and sending, but VizAlerts doesn't merge the PDFs as I tell him in the sort order column.


      Can some one give me a hint, what I did wrong?


      Thanks in advance!