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    A server 500 error doesn't necessarily mean something is wrong with your Tableau Server

    Toby Erkson

      I got an email from a user stating Tabcmd worked for them a couple weeks ago but now it's not returning a .PDF like it used to.  I said to make sure his Tabcmd was the same version as our Tableau Server and gave them how-to instructions.  The user followed the instructions but they still got an error:  500 Internal Server Error.  So I asked for them to send me their code and more details (why oh why are people afraid of including details?).  Here's all that I got:


      1. From a command prompt I go here:  C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\10.3\extras\Command Line Utility
      2. tabcmd.exe login -s ourServer.net -u SomeUser -p *****
      3. tabcmd.exe get "http://ourServer.net/views/DealerPerfomanceDashboard/Scorecard?DealerCode=26DR&YR=2018&MO=1" -f "c:\SomeUser\26DR.pdf"


      So I checked that the User given (-u SomeUser) was valid.  Yep.

      I then opened the workbook on the server...it asked for a connection password!  Ah ha!

      I checked the data sources for the workbook and all of them did not have the password embedded.  The workbook had been modified today as well so that told me the user made an update but forgot to embed the credentials during the publish to the server

      I notified the user and that's exactly what happened.  They updated their connections to embed the password.  Case solved


      So next time you get a scary server error it may not be so bad with just a little investigating   It also shows once again how it's rarely the server's fault yet people assume it is   However, a better returned error message from Tabcmd would've been helpful.