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    Calculating Average from two datasources (SQL & Excel)

    Virginie Bocard

      Good Afternoon!  Here's what I'm trying to do.  I have a connection to SQL server where I obtain number of cases per region.  I have also an excel file where I have data that I want to refer to (i.e. total of ITs in a particular region).

      Example below.  The results I expect is to divide the number of cases per number of ITs = 2,501/62 for AFR for example).  Keep in mind that I cannot create a relationship between the two (or at least I don't know how).  I'm attaching a sample based on an Excel workbook but in reality it is a SQL DB that contains the number of tickets, and the excel the information on staffing.  Or should I do something link if this region AFR, then sum all tickets and divide by nr. of ITs, etc.

      Any insight will be appreciated. I'm attaching a Tableau Workbook in Version 10.1.




      # of ITS


      EAP                                               43
      ECA                                               42
      ECR                                               11
      HQ Cluster                                        22
      HUB                                               1
      LCR                                               28
      MNA                                               17
      SAR                                               15