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    Fixed level LOD with context filters worked well but results are diff when i place it on column shelf

    Vaibhav Verma

      I am using fixed LOD calculation which works out very well if i make required filters as context filters but when i place one of those filters on the column shelf, the results go awry and i dont see what is expect.  I cant share my original workbook here but i reproduced the in superstore workbook. i am attaching the workbook as well. I don't want sales to change based on subcategory, hence i put other filters in context including the YEAR filter.

      I want to look at the ratio of QUANTITY / SALES.


      Below is the lod calculation




      So now if i toggle between year , the ratio vary as follows, for 2013 it is 0.34 and for  2014 it is 0.38 which is what i want . Please see below.


      And for 2014 it is 0.38


      but when i put the [YEAR] column in column, the results are not as expected. Unexpected results below. The ratio for different years is OFF. Instead of 0.38, it is 0.07

      Is there any workaround to this problem ?







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