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    Create categories from a COUNTD (calculated field)

    Elisa Martinez



      I want to group (categorize) the COUNTD i've got from a calculated field. I created the Calculated Field "Jobsites per Holding" so I can count how many unique ID_Jobsites are per Holding in my database. I visualizate it by my 3 main segmentations.


      What I wanna do is to visualize (one graph per segmentation) are categories of the COUNTD, in other words I wanna categorize by the number ofjobsites per holding per segmentation. The next graph I did it subsetting BEFORE Tableau (in R) but there has to be a way to do it without subsetting for granularity.



      I created the "Category Jobsites per Holding" but when I try to use I can't see the categories



      I'm really lost here!!! Can anyone know how can I do the categories???


      Thanks in advance!