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    VizAlerts CSV

    Kevin White



      I know that vizalerts has the capability to generate a CSV file and then send it to a specific email address once a condition is met, but I'm trying to figure out where on the server the actually CSV file would be stored that vizalerts goes and picks up.


      What I'm trying to do is have Vizalerts generate a file and then once this file is generated it kicks off a bat file on the server. We have a 3rd party tool that can look in a certain folder for a file and then trigger a job but I'm trying to figure out where this file might be stored.


      Thanks in advance for your help!

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          Matt Coles

          When a CSV file is downloaded from a viz on Tableau Server by VizAlerts, it is stored in the temp.dir folder, as specified in the config file. This includes ALL CSVs it downloads, including that of the VizAlertsConfig workbook every minute, and other temp files like PNGs and PDFs. It's a generic processing folder, and not really meant for export. The filenames are also datetime-stamped for uniqueness, so they aren't pretty most of the time.


          You could share out your temp folder to whatever system is responsible for running the batch job, and look for filenames that match the one being emailed out. They'd still need to be emailed, because that's all VizAlerts currently does...but if you can live with that, it should work.

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            Kevin White

            Thanks for the info Matt.


            I've noticed that recently users have been getting empty Viz's sent to them. I think it's an issue with the vizalert that I have set up because when I set the view to run a regular subscription and then select "Dont send if view is empty" the email never comes, which is what should happen.


            Is it possible that vizalerts is recognizing some underlying data somehow and that's triggering the alert? I feel like this is the most basic aspect of vizalerts and it's not working for me :/.


            Thanks again for your help!

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              Matt Coles

              That's the type of behavior that would lead me to believe that you haven't disabled your VizAlerts schedules. When VizAlerts is working properly, your schedules will be disabled, but still available to be chosen in the Subscriptions dialog. Changing the selection for "Don't send if view is empty" will not matter to VizAlerts. If you get a blank viz when it is unchecked, and no emails at all when it is checked, it means that your schedules are still enabled, and Tableau Server is processing them as standard subscriptions. VizAlerts is not doing anything with them at the moment. To fix, just go to Schedules on Server, select the VizAlerts schedules, go to Actions at the top, and pick Disable.

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                Matt Coles

                Hi Kevin. Did that answer your question? If so, would you mark my answer as correct, please?