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    Trying to implement relative date filter period to previous period comparisons

    Mark McHenry

      I have a worksheet that uses an exact date dimension (create timestamp) for a relative date filter. I would like to be able to take whatever relative period the user selects (previous day, last 7 days, last week, last 2 quarters, etc) and also display values from that period one interval in the past. Here's an example of what I would like to accomplish:


      I publish a sheet that displays the number of widgets created. The user can choose a relative date period to see how many widgets were created in their chosen period.


      The user selects the period 'last 7 days' and the number of widgets created in the last 7 days is displayed as a bar graph. Additionally, there is a mark on the bar graph that shows the number of widgets created 7 to 14 days ago (the same relative period selected by the user, but one interval back). If the user selects the period 'last 2 days' the graph shows a bar graph of the widgets created in the last 2 days and an additional mark showing the number of widgets created 2 to 4 days ago (a second 2 day period, one interval in the past).


      I haven't been able to find a way to implement this. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. If the question is unclear or additional information is needed please let me know.

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          Manuel Velasquez

          Hi Mark


          Let me show one way to use a parameter to create the view you are looking.

          For this example I'm using Sample-Superstore Dataset I added more rows with 2018 data so we can have TODAY() values


          The parameter looks like this




          Now every time you select an element in this parameter you are specifying 2 periods a "Period to Show" and  a "Period to Compare"




          Here are my calculations to show quantities sold for each period selected




          NOTE: You might want to play in the Quarter and Year part you could use days if that makes more sense to you, this is for simplifying 



          Doble checking



          NOTE: TODAY() is an inclusive date.


          The View

          Bar represents the period to show(including today) Line, represent period to compare(Same period back)





          Attached .twbx file for reference ( Ver 10.5)


          Let me know if this helps!


          Manuel Velasquez