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    Write back to amazon redshift using r

    Vaibhav Luthra



      I have a requirement of using r code and writing back values of tableau parameters to database. I am using below code for this purpose.

      Given code works perfectly fine on R, however, tableau throws popup of start time to run the table calculation and never ends(waited for 10 mins max).

      Below is my code, please suggest what is causing issue and how this can be resolved.





      driver <- JDBC('com.amazon.redshift.jdbc41.Driver', 'RedshiftJDBC41-', identifier.quote='`');

      url <- 'jdbc:redshift://aws-a0036-use1-1b-d-red-shrd-chb-dev01.cnnhjxs6xgos.us-east-1.redshift.amazonaws.com:5439/test?user=test&password=test';

      conn <- dbConnect(driver, url);

      dbSendQuery(conn, 'insert into test.r_test values(.arg1);')


      MAX([R Param]))