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    How to toggle between parameters?

    vikas chowdary

      I have a created a Monthly, weekly and daily report based on for parameters. I have created a parameter "Select view" to select view which helps me in selecting monthly, weekly and daily  report. I have created three more parameters to select "number of months" , "number of weeks" and "number of days" report to view. Report is working fine according to selected view, but the issue is if I select view as monthly  and in monthly parameter I gave 4 to have view four months view, and after that if I wanted to view weekly report for last 5 weeks and I selected view as "weekly" and fed 5 to "number of weeks" and it is displaying last 5 weeks report but 4 in " number of months" parameter remains the same. Is there a way to make "number of months" parameter to  zero automatically  and vice-versa.


      In short when I select Monthly view and feed number to "number of months" other parameters i.e "number of weeks" and "number of days" has to appear as zero.


      Note: Name of parameters are underlined.


      Thanks in Advance

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          Jyothisree Rayagiri

          I do not think we can change the parameter to 0 - but why have 3 different parameters for diff timeperiod - can you not use only one parameter ?

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            Jim Dehner

            Good morning

            Parameters are ways for the user to manually input values into Tableau - once set the value remains the same until manually reset - so you need to look for a different way - could you use a Case statement or IF statement to change the value based on based on the value  in your month/week parameter




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