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    Blending is resulting empty Measure

    lalitha p

      Hi Everyone,


      I am doing a report with 2 sources S1 as primary and S2 as secondary like this,

      I have a report with the following fields Product(S1),Revenue (S1),Cost(S2) , Direct Cost(Calculated in S2 by subtracting Total cost - other cost) which is "Cost - (if type = 'Other' or if type = 'X'  then Cost end)"

      And here is where i am getting error

      I am pulling the fields Product , Revenue , Other Cost , Direct Cost , Cost in the report linked with the field "Item id" . But my report is giving me Product and Revenue and Cost but Other cost and Direct cost are showing Empty. As this is empty i really couldn't go ahead and show Contribution, CM% etc also.

      Can anyone please help me here.



      Lalitha K Prabhala

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          Michal Mokwinski

          Hi Lalitha,


          are you sure you blended the data sources? In your case you should blend on Product, and possibly on some date measure (if you want to filter by dates). It might be required to set the custom data relationships.


          If you would share your workbook it will be easier to help.



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            lalitha p

            Hi Michal,


                But i have to blend the sources on "Item Id" only. Because for any Revenue transaction at project level happened in S1 table then related transaction we make at Cost table for the same project. So i want to fetch that record only right. So have to link with "Item Id".

            And cost i am getting it anyways from the source S2 but i am not able to see the data for Other cost from same table.


            Lalitha k Prabhala

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              mandeep singh

              normally if you data relationship is correct then you just need to make sure when you bring field from secondary source, you need to use sum(Direct Cost ) or any aggregated command.

              This is because you may have more than one "Item Id" in secondary source.


              Sometimes putting ZN(SUM(DIRECT COST)) works because it handles any null value in the secondary table.