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    NSSE 2017 Survey Results

    Nicole Kraft

      I wanted to share a section of the NSSE dashboard I presented at our regional AIR meeting (AIRUM) (and is the featured viz on my public author page and the IR office's author page). A portion of this design came from an article I read a couple years ago by Steve Wexler about visualizing likert scale survey results in Tableau.

      What I’ve shared online is the Engagement Indicators portion of the survey. Each page contains the questions for an engagement indicator, with a filter on the top left of each question. On the top half of the page are current (left) and trend (right) unweighted results. On the bottom half are weighted results from the peer and mean comparison reports that have our responses compared to our three peer groups (left). The right half shows the change from our responses in 2014, the last administration of the survey. On our version, the top half is filterable by additional fields such as low income, first generation, enrollment status, gender. Due to some low n’s, I’ve removed those from the parameter but left gender and college for you to view.

      I’ve created several dashboards that are navigable from our internal SharePoint site: engagement indicators, all other questions grouped, the UW System consortium module, and the advising module. In addition to the dashboards, I’ve created an executive summary report, a demographics report, and a high impact practices report available in a dashboard or pdf handout formats. Below is a screenshot of a page and its navigation.


      How have you used Tableau for survey results? Can you share what you've done?




      NSSE SharePoint Screenshot.png