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    Calculation issue


      Hi All


      Have a problem guys, I have done a calculation based on moving a car by a reg and what the calculation does is



      car a moved at 9:00am to 10:00am

      car a moved again at 14:00:15:00


      instead of looking at each movent

      for example both movements were 1 hour each

      it calculates by looking at the last given movemnt so 15:00 - 9:00 which makes it 6 houus, this is distroting my data. Not sure waht do to? I have attached the workbook




      Formula :

      IF [Time] = {FIXED [First Name],[Last Name], DATE([Time]),[Regn] : MAX([Time])} AND {FIXED [First Name],[Last Name] , DATE([Time]) , [Regn] : COUNTD([Time])} > 1 THEN

      {FIXED [First Name],[Last Name], DATE([Time]), [Regn] : MAX([Time]) - MIN([Time])}