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    What technique should I use to present values for a select few airports as well as showing Other and Grand Total

    Tiago-Mateus Korynek

      I have a small crosstab where I am wanting to present how many flights have departed from certain airports in a certain week. I have managed to get the sum of flights field working properly, but I am struggling on how to handle the Other/Overseas bit.


      What technique should I use to allow me to add the extra column of overseas? (Pretty much I want to have the 10 named airports showing (which I would like to have a way of selecting) and then anything else which falls into the overseas category goes into overseas)


      Is it something to do with sets / groups?


      What I have in Excel that I would like to recreate in Tableau for week starting 24 October 2016:


      What I have produced in Tableau so far: