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    Grand Total Displaying Average but not the Sum with Measure Values



      I will have to show the grand total which sums up all the fore cast value but it is averaging all the values. I did look into many discussions of how to display the grand total with Sum of values but I am not finding on how to do with Measure Values along with it. Forecast Value is aggregated with LOD phase, day and request type.

      I did try MIN(fore cast value),window_sum(avg(forecast value)) but failed to get the right answer.

      In SQL, I can get the correct value by running sum(distinct forecast value) and grouping by phase,day,request type .Is there a similar way in tableau to get the right answer?

      I have attached the Mock up data and worksheet .Grand total for Forecast Value is displayed as 15746. I want it to be displayed as around 81K.

      Any help is appreciated!