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    Using LoD Calc for Percentage of Total

    Jonathan Hodge

      Howdy All!


      I feel like I am on the verge of getting this but just not the best at LoD calc's.

      I am doing a visual where I need to rank top 5 of regions per region, as below.


      My issue is that for the label I want it to portray the % of total for only that region. So, of the 5 items showing up for Central, the 5 items should add up to 100%. And continue on for other regions adding up to 100%.


      My current attempt was this [LoD Sales Attempt]:


      { FIXED [Region], [Sub-Category] : SUM([Sales])}


      And then toss on labels and use a quick calculation of "Percent of Total".

      However this did not work out at the entire visual still adds up to 100, not the individual regions

      Any solutions by chance?


      Thanks! Dashboard attached is superstore data from Tableau 10.3