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    Oracle error 2391 ORA-02391: exceeded simultaneous SESSIONS_PER_USER limit

    Dennis DeSantis

      Hi folks -

      I'm attempting to establish a direct connection from my Tableau workbook to an Oracle database rather than using an extract so my data is always right up to date.  However I'm encountering an intermittent error in Tableau when I connect directly:  "Oracle database error 2391: ORA-02391: exceeded simultaneous SESSIONS_PER_USER limit.  I assume this is happening because each viz and table on my dashboard sends a separate call to the Oracle database.  I also assume that this 'sessions per user' limit is something that needs to be adjusted on the Oracle side by my DBAs.  My question is this - is there anything I can do on the Tableau side to help alleviate this issue?  I want to make sure I'm adhering to best practices in regard to live connection to the Oracle db.  Basically I just want to ensure my house is in order before I go to the DBA group with this. Thanks so much for your help.



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          Hiya Dennis,


          After some investigation about this error, it appears as though this error is coming from your Oracle database and not Tableau Desktop, as you said.

          It may be that something within this specific workbook was thrown off at the Oracle DB level or corrupted. I found the following articles outside of Tableau in regards to the Oracle error ORA-02391: exceeded simultaneous SESSIONS_PER_USER limit.

          ORA-02391 Exceeded simultaneous session_per_user limit


          With all of this in mind since a new connection to your Oracle database is working I would suggest copying your worksheets into a new Tableau workbook to see if the issue re-occurs or if this resolves this issue.
          Further, the above articles recommend the Oracle DB administrator increase the number of SESSIONS_PER_USER limit of the User Profile or End some of the concurrent Oracle DB sessions.


          Hope this helps



          Lénaïc RIÉDINGER, Global Community Engineer Tableau

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            Dennis DeSantis

            Thanks very much for the information.  I attempted copying the worksheets into a new workbook and promptly hit the Oracle error in the new workbook. Having tried that, I'll reach out to my Oracle db admin to have that session limit increased.  Thanks again!