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    How to see % of clients buying in current year and last year

    Giorge Luiz



      My client wants to see the % of clients who bought in current year and also bought in last year.


      I achieve this with LOD and parameters, but he want's to see it dynamically in a grid using data on columns.


      Here's an example of my calculation:




      {FIXED [Customer ID] : COUNTD(IF YEAR([Order Date]) = 2011 THEN [Order ID] END)} > 0


      {FIXED [Customer ID] : COUNTD(IF YEAR([Order Date]) = 2012 THEN [Order ID] END)} > 0

      THEN 1

      ELSE 0



      MAX({COUNTD(IF YEAR([Order Date]) = 2011 THEN [Customer ID] END)})


      I think I could use table calculations, but I'm not seeing a way of doing this without parameters.


      Can anyone help me?