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    How can i use BANs to change a trend line

    Dan Dan

      I have a requirement to be able to use large call out numbers to change the content of a trend line below them.


      I would like to show 4 measures as large numbers which when clicked upon would change a trend line below to show whichever measure has been clicked on.

      When opening the dashboard, i would like the trend line to default to show the measure which is at the left side.


      I have tried using dashboard actions but i don't think you can filter in measures.

      I have also tried reformatting the data so all the measures are in the same column but there is an issue there as one of the measures is a percentage so will not be formatted the same as the sum of sales or profit.

      The attached example is from superstore data and shows the measures as big number call outs at the top and then the trend of each of these measures below.

      When the user clicks on one of the big numbers at the top, i would like the trend line to only show that selected measure.




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          Simon Runc

          hi Dan,


          So one way would be to reshape your data, so that your measures go down the page as a dimension (so you'd get a "real" measures name dimension, not the pseudo-dimension Tableau creates, which can't be used in actions)


          An alternative to this would be to use "Trigger Driven Sheet Swaps" (here's a link to the general idea Sheet Swap with Action Filters...the simple version! )


          So in your version I worked up just 2 of your BANs. I need to create a sheet for each BAN, and then put them together in a dashboard...now we have total control over padding and borders we can set these to zero and have the sheets look like one!)


          I then created 2 dimensions (1One and 0Zero), which are just the number 1 and 0, respectively...these will be use to show the correct trend.


          I then need to create 2 actions for each BAN....one to show the one we want, and another to "kill" the others.


          So I set up 2 for Sales;


          This one sends 1One to 0Zero on the Qty Trend...which kills it (1 can't equal 0!)


          An another to show the Sales one (this undoes any 1=0 kill actions)



          I then set up similar ones for Quantity.


          So a bit of work to set up, but it's a trick I use a lot (especially Tablet/Phone dashboards where you want button type actions and have limited screen space)


          Hope that helps and makes sense?

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            Dan Dan

            Hi Simon,

            Thanks for the quick response and the solution.

            I think that this will work for me, i just have a bit of setting up to do initially as you say but the end result will be as required.

            Thanks again,