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    Is there a way to combine aggregate measures from distinct data sources?

    Mark Bashuk

      I am trying to migrate reports from Qlik Sense - and I'm not able to (or don't know how) to easily combine aggregate metrics from data sources that don't have a natural join.


      In this example I'm trying to project where a revenue metric will end up. I want to take the sum(revenue) from the actual_sales table and add it to the sum(projected) value from project_revenue table to get a projected_final number..


      A single customer can't be in both tables - I don't know the correct way to join -I thought about adding a "join' column to connect the data sources, but that didn't seem like a good idea either - it would work like a cross join.


      If you check out the attached workbook, I can get both metrics on the same table, but I can't total them up.


      Am I missing something obvious?


      Any input is appreciated.


      Thanks - Mark

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          Isaac Kunen

          Hi Mark,


          I'm having trouble getting your .twbx to work, but it feels like you might want to do a union in the data source rather than a join.



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            Jim Dehner

            Hi Mark


            working with the data in the present structure you have 2 data sources that you blended together -

            to get a total you need to bring the 2 measures together into a single viz that is associated with one of the sources from the secondary source-

            The first sources you work with is the primary - when you bring data from the secondary it comes over as an aggregate so you need to create an aggregation like the one shown below -note this is a new measure not a Grand Total





            you could create a viz like this


            another solution is available if you could restructure the data to look like this



            Source 1
            Acct #Price LevelProductlevelamount
            321DugoutQuarter SeasonUnrenewed Revenue$10,000
            432FieldHalf SeasonUnrenewed Revenue$7,500
            543DugoutFull SeasonUnrenewed Revenue$2,500
            654Home PlateFull SeasonUnrenewed Revenue$1,225
            Source 2
            Acct #Price LevelProductlevelamount
            123DugoutFull SeasonRevenue$10,000
            456FieldFull SeasonRevenue$5,000
            789DugoutHalf SeasonRevenue$5,000
            135Home PlateQuarter SeasonRevenue$5,000



            This data can be combined in a Union (like appending data) in a single data file (source) and can be directly summed, sub-totalled etc



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