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    Minimum to display if question has 105 responses

    Laurie Eves

      Attached is the data source file and tableau workbook I have been attempting to work.


      I have to create a data viz that provides survey results but can only show the data if we have 105 or more responses per question.




      If I chose Q Text Revised in a filter which has CBS, COC and CSMCC chosen, and I only wand the Q Text Revised entries to display if there are a minimum of 105 responses to that Q Text Revised dimension, what do I do?



      I have to look at total responses over all categories Favorable, Neutral and Unfavorable but my visualization will only be showing the % of favorable responses per question (pictured below) and should display that favorable % if there are 105 responses or more.  In this example, the COC question should NOT be displayed because there are only 104 responses total



      I am sure this is simple but am stumped.


      Thanks for any help