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    I would appreciate any assistance with how to configure a Dynamic 5 Week Filter

    Lance Martens

      Hi All,


      I would appreciate any assistance with developing a calculated field to enable me to display a Dynamic 5 Weeks of performance, relative to a nominated “Week Reference Point”


      I would like this calculated field to work as follows in displaying my data:

      • First reference the selected ^Week Reference Point (Defined by the user on the dashboard)
      • It then needs to always display, first the selected reference weeks harvestdlyduration data, followed by the previous four weeks’ of data
      • Meaning, my dashboard should always display only the last “5 Weeks” of harvestdlyduration data, relative to the selected ^Week Reference Point of the user.



      In my attached workbook, you will notice that the dashboard 5 week performance data is currently governed by me, “manually” selecting the weeks relative to the ^Week Reference Point, via the **HarvestWeek (Last 5 Weeks_Manual Selection) filter.


      I have attached my workbook (v10.4)

      Any guidance will be most appreciated,