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    Map with inconsistent city, state, country data


      Hello -

      I'm experienced with Tableau but new to mapping. I have a data set where some records contain Country only, some have State only, and others have a full City, State, Country or City, Country hierarchy. Where city is available, I want a mark on the city; where I only have State or Country I would like the map to default to the center of the given State or Country. It looks like if I work with only State or Country level data, Tableau sets a default point. Is it possible to say if city is available use city, elseif state is available use state, else use country? I don't know if this type of logic can be applied to mapping, or if I have to choose city geo role and manually assign coordinates for default points in states and countries - this is doable but harder to maintain. Any advice would be much appreciated! I've attached a simplified example for reference.


      Thank you!