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    Background Task Delays- Wait Time


      Hi All,


      We have 2 extracts which run on daily basis. From few days, I see them waiting for 9-10 hrs and then starting to run.


      Below is the analysis done from my side


      1. I went through the logs to find out the reason but couldn't trace.

      2. The extracts were optimized with best practices where we can't fix anything from development end.

      3. There are no other parallel jobs running at that time and bg resources are fairly available


      One more important observation was

      - The backgrounder Id changes from the time it gets picked and when it completes to run the job.

      For Eg: Say Extract A picked by Bg Id: @ Created at. It waits for 9-10 hrs and jumps to Bg Id : @ Started at.


      We are using Tableau 10.4.0 and SAS datasource. Request you to please help me in figuring out the issue.


      Let me know if you require any additional details. Thanks!